Friday, August 4, 2017

10 Ways to Become a Better Software Engineer

  • Diversify your skillset. Learn anything and everything (especially new technologies). Try not to focus on just one technology or platform.
  • Network with as many people in the industry as possible (and in other industries if possible!). Networking helps get your feet in the door to expose you to new opportunities.
  • Stay up to date on the latest technology news. This includes tools you are currently using (always use the latest versions) and new tools.
  • Write your own apps on the side and SHIP THEM. Everyone struggles with the last 10% of releasing an app, it is the hardest part. Push yourself through it and it will be worth it.
  • Release open source projects or SDKs and don't be afraid of criticism.
  • Contribute to open source projects or SDKs. Most projects require code reviews from the owners which they can provide an excellent learning experience.
  • Download other people's code and study it. Find out how they have the code structured and how they solve common problems. Recognize what design patterns they use.
  • Understand how the software develop process works and familiarize yourself with Agile. This will help you learn to collaborate effectively in a team environment.
  • Market yourself. Create an in-depth LinkedIn profile and keep it up to date!
  • DON'T be patient, start building things yesterday!

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